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May 10 2011 3 10 /05 /May /2011 17:04

If you would love to get a healthy looking tan without soaking in harmful rays then you may want to check out self-tanning products. Not only are self-tanning products safe but you can do it at home effectively and look just as natural as if you'd been to a tanning salon or stayed at the beach all summer.

Research Your Products

One of the first things you'll want to do is to look at the different reviews of spray tan products to find the one that is best for you. Some products can make you look too orange or leave unsightly streaks so always get a second opinion before you spend your money. You can search for online reviews or ask someone at a tanning salon about which products may be best.

Decide On Type of Dispenser

Tanning products typically come in sprays and lotions or gels. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages. For instance, a spray may be easier to use but may splatter and smell bad. A lotion can let you get every spot and some even have a temporary colour so you know exactly where you are putting it but these can stain your palms unless you wear gloves and they are much messier to use. Whichever one you choose will depend on your own personal preference in application style.


No matter which type of dispensing method you choose and which brand you ultimately pick in tanning products, you'll want to prepare your skin first. Make sure you have taken a shower and the skin has been exfoliated. You can do this by using an exfoliate product in the shower. Once you have showered and the skin is nice and smooth, apply a lotion so that you don't have any dry skin. Dry skin is one of the main causes of streaking or improper colour with tanning products.

Once you have tanned with your tanning products be sure to keep your skin moisturized daily. This will ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible.

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