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April 21 2011 5 21 /04 /April /2011 14:33

When owning a female dog, you might wonder about dogs in season or dog heat signs as well as how long dogs are pregnant. This information can be pivotal in keeping your dog from having unwanted puppies.

A Dog's Heat Cycle

How long do dogs stay in heat?

A dog's heat cycle happens twice a year and lasts approximately 21 days in length. During this time you will notice changes in your dog such as vaginal bleeding and swelling of the vulva. Male suitors will seem to be aggressive in their quest to mate with your female.

Once the dog is impregnated, the gestation period will start and a litter of puppies will arrive after the pregnancy term is complete. The dog's heat cycle is important information to be considered when determining when she can become pregnant.

This knowledge can be used to guard against an unwanted litter by keeping her separated from males. If she does become pregnant, you will need to know about her gestation period.

A Dog's Gestation Period

How long do dogs stay pregnant?

It doesn't matter if you are looking at a Shih Tzu pregnancy or a Great Dane pregnancy. The dog's pregnancy will last between 58-68 days, with 63 days being the norm. Physical changes

One of the first ways that you can tell that your female is pregnant is to look at her abdomen. The stomach area will swell and depending on the size of the litter, will be quite larger than usual as the pregnancy progresses.

Around two weeks before your dog is ready to give birth you will notice her breasts swollen and milk may be present in preparation for the puppies that will be born.

Behavioural changes

You may also notice your dog acting different, especially around this time. She may seem irritable and will start the nesting process. This process is where you may find your dog shredding things such as paper or material to prepare a spot for her birth.

Typically a female that is ready to give birth may find a comfortable area to deliver her puppies. This can be a closet, under a bed or in a corner - any place where she feels safe.

Therefore,it can be said that a dog's pregnancy is likely to last a couple of months.

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