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April 20 2011 4 20 /04 /April /2011 17:36

When choosing whether or not to own a saltwater aquarium, it is a good idea to be informed about the basics of owning this type of aquarium, and the difficulties one might experience with maintenance and compatible stock, before you rush out to your nearest aquatic life stockist.

Saltwater fish tanks can be a beautiful addition to any home. Not only are they a pleasure to look at but they can actually help with relaxation. Saltwater fish tanks can have numerous different set-ups. From a marine tank that only houses saltwater fish to a tank that includes corals and invertebrates; the sky's the limit. However, it is a good idea to be well informed before you get started.

The first thing to consider is the cost. Saltwater fish tanks can be more costly than your typical freshwater tank. The costs include the type of filtration system you choose, the lighting and, of course, the fish you will add to the set-up. One interesting aspect to keep in mind is that the larger the fish tank is, the easier it is to maintain. This may sound strange, but it is true that a smaller tank gets dirtier a lot faster than it's larger counterpart, and if there is an issue with water quality, the occupants in the tank can be affected faster due to them being confined to a small space. Larger tanks allow more room for error.

The next consideration is whether or not you want to keep a fish-only tank or if you want to add corals and invertebrates. You will need to know that corals are more difficult to keep and will need special lighting. Even if you decide to go with a fish-only tank, you will need to research which fish are compatible. Since saltwater fish can be expensive, you don't want to put fish in your tank that will fight and harm each other.

Keeping a saltwater fish tank can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies, and once you get the hang of it you can display your tank with pride and share it's beauty with others. Gain the knowledge first, then, and only then, can you truly enjoy your saltwater tank.

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