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April 22 2011 6 22 /04 /April /2011 11:40

Dogs that dig can be a nuisance. It can potentially be dangerous if the dog gets out by digging from under a fence and becomes lost or attacks another animal. From a barking dog to a chewing dog, you cannot stop a canine from doing what they do naturally, but you can use measures to stop a dog from digging.

Dog Behavior

Dog training

A dog's bad behavior can be curbed if you know the right ways to train its behavior. Knowing how to train a dog is the part that will help you with a dog that tries to dig out of your yard as well.

Instinct versus discipline

Digging holes is what a dog does through natural instinct. The problem is that these holes can get out of hand and ruin a yard or become a way for your dog to get loose. This is behavior that is best nipped in the bud before it becomes a more serious issue.

Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Digging

There are dogs books on how to train a puppy or even deal with an aggressive puppy, but not many may focus on the problem of digging. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent this behavior.

Why does a dog dig?

First of all, find out why your dog is digging. Is it hot outside? Is he looking for a cool play to lay? Could your dog be bored? These are just a couple of the reasons why a dog may incessantly dig holes in a yard.

Preventative measures

  • One way to help stop this behavior is to allow him his own sandbox. Fill an enclosed area with clean sand and put some of his toys in there. This will encourage him to use this area only for his digging urges.
  • If you consistently have a dog that digs around a fence area, you can install what is known as rabbit or chicken wire. This is wire that you will place around the fence line, either right under a fence area or on a slant against the fence. This is a kind of wire that the dog cannot dig through and it will also feel unpleasant to do so, therefore discouraging digging.
  • You may also use a sprinkler hose that is motion activated and place it in the area where your dog digs the most.

There are many other methods to discourage a digging dog, but some dogs simply do this by instinct. Always use encouragement instead of discouragement when you are dealing with your dog's behavior.


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