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July 15 2011 6 15 /07 /July /2011 09:34

Losing a pet is never easy, but it may be helpful to commemorate your pet with pet memorials. Pet monuments or pet grave markers are a way to remember your pet with a gravestone of sorts, similar to what you would find for a person in a cemetery. The difference is that you can put these in your home or yard.

Where to look

A pet memorial plaque may not be something you see every day, they can be found at a variety of venues. Many online stores and pet stores will sell pet gravestones and while some may be on the costly side, others can be found at a reasonable price. Many you may see at specialty shops showcase a certain style or look and you can choose from intricate designs to plain pet plaques which allow you to enter a name and a few words, plus a date of birth and death. There are dog memorial stones, pet memory boxes, pet markers and many more to choose from depending on what you like best.

What kind to get

There are many different types of pet grave stones. From cat memorials to dog headstones and pet memorial markers, you can typically find something which appeals to you and the memory of your pet. It does not have to follow what someone else might choose, simply choose something which "speaks" to you and the memories you have of that special friend. There are some which even allow you to put in a weather protected photo or inscription.

Even a simple urn can be used as an indoor pet marker. You can choose by price and type and then pick out something appealing. If you live in an apartment with no private yard, you may want to consider choosing something you can take with you or is something indoors. If you have a permanent yard, then pet tombstones or markers may be ideal for your situation. The point is to choose something which reminds you of the happy times you had with your pet and is a true reflection of how you want to remember this pet. Other than that, choose what looks best for your situation.

Pet Memorial Box

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