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July 19 2011 3 19 /07 /July /2011 10:12

If you have pets but live on a budget, you might want to find a pet supply place which offers cheaper alternatives. While we all love our pets, products and vet supplies can be outrageous. You do not have to spend a fortune if you know where to look and how to buy products before you need them.

Online venues

There are many cheaper alternatives online where if you have dogs or cats, supplies are easy to find and you can even buy in bulk. A pet online store can offer cheaper prices because they do not have the same overhead that many brick and mortar stores may have. This means that the savings are passed down to you. However, you will most likely have to pay for shipping but some places offer free shipping, discounted shipping or bulk shipping at a lower rate than you may think.

Read reviews

It is always a good idea when using an online store to read organic customer reviews. These can be found by simply doing a search of the store's name and the word "reviews." Always look at store policies, customer service reviews and shipping charges before you place an order.

Shopping in person

If you want to see your product in person, then you can shop at pet stores and retail stores which sell pet products such as dog leads, Frontline (cats and dogs formulas) and even pet litter. To get the best savings at stores, you may want to look at newspaper advertisements and in-store coupons. Many retail stores for instance, will have sales where you can get discounts on certain brands and this is the best time to make a purchase, even if you buy it before you need it. Canned food, pet litter and treats will stay fresh for quite some time and even dry food will stay fresh in the bag. Always check the expiration date if possible when you plan to buy in bulk.

In a nutshell

While owning a pet can be expensive at times, this does not mean you can save money when you have the opportunity. If there is a certain item you are looking for, check newspaper advertisements and personal sales as well as online stores and in-person shops.

Cat in Dog Bed, Dog Standing By
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July 15 2011 6 15 /07 /July /2011 09:34

Losing a pet is never easy, but it may be helpful to commemorate your pet with pet memorials. Pet monuments or pet grave markers are a way to remember your pet with a gravestone of sorts, similar to what you would find for a person in a cemetery. The difference is that you can put these in your home or yard.

Where to look

A pet memorial plaque may not be something you see every day, they can be found at a variety of venues. Many online stores and pet stores will sell pet gravestones and while some may be on the costly side, others can be found at a reasonable price. Many you may see at specialty shops showcase a certain style or look and you can choose from intricate designs to plain pet plaques which allow you to enter a name and a few words, plus a date of birth and death. There are dog memorial stones, pet memory boxes, pet markers and many more to choose from depending on what you like best.

What kind to get

There are many different types of pet grave stones. From cat memorials to dog headstones and pet memorial markers, you can typically find something which appeals to you and the memory of your pet. It does not have to follow what someone else might choose, simply choose something which "speaks" to you and the memories you have of that special friend. There are some which even allow you to put in a weather protected photo or inscription.

Even a simple urn can be used as an indoor pet marker. You can choose by price and type and then pick out something appealing. If you live in an apartment with no private yard, you may want to consider choosing something you can take with you or is something indoors. If you have a permanent yard, then pet tombstones or markers may be ideal for your situation. The point is to choose something which reminds you of the happy times you had with your pet and is a true reflection of how you want to remember this pet. Other than that, choose what looks best for your situation.

Pet Memorial Box
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July 12 2011 3 12 /07 /July /2011 14:28

Fish tanks can bring beauty to any home, but you may be wondering where to buy an aquarium, aquarium supplies and fish supplies. It is easier than you think to find what you need to get an eye catching fish tank in your home, which will have everyone admiring its look.

Find a fish tank in person

Pet store

Any pet store, which sells fish or pets products may have an aquarium kit that you might like. Sometimes, you can even find a cheap aquarium at these stores, especially around the holidays.

Aquatic supplies

Keep in mind that if they sell fish, especially salt water fish, they will most likely have aquatic supplies as well. It can be convenient to get everything in one place and locally, so don't forget your local stores.

Asking from help

In fact, it can be even more helpful to talk to someone in person if they know much about aquariums. They can even help you to choose what type of fish to include, whether you want a salt water fish tank or a freshwater or brackish tank. It's good to get advice from someone who knows the business and even better if you can build a relationship with them.

Find your aquarium online

If you're looking for custom tanks, such as wall aquariums or custom aquariums that fit a specific decor, you might try an online company.

Typically, these companies may have more of what you are looking for since a local store will usually have aquarium kits that anyone can choose and may not have a more specific kind of look.

Shipping costs

From big fish tanks to desktop tanks, they will usually have something for everyone. The one thing that you may want to look out for is the shipping costs. While some may offer free shipping, an aquarium is usually very heavy and fragile, so the shipping can make up quite a bit of the costs involved if they don't have a cut in price. Always inquire about shipping costs, returns and customer service issues before you choose to order.

No matter where you order, you'll have something, which can give you years of pleasure and enjoyment, while being a natural thing of beauty and environment.

Our fish tank
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April 22 2011 6 22 /04 /April /2011 11:40

Dogs that dig can be a nuisance. It can potentially be dangerous if the dog gets out by digging from under a fence and becomes lost or attacks another animal. From a barking dog to a chewing dog, you cannot stop a canine from doing what they do naturally, but you can use measures to stop a dog from digging.

Dog Behavior

Dog training

A dog's bad behavior can be curbed if you know the right ways to train its behavior. Knowing how to train a dog is the part that will help you with a dog that tries to dig out of your yard as well.

Instinct versus discipline

Digging holes is what a dog does through natural instinct. The problem is that these holes can get out of hand and ruin a yard or become a way for your dog to get loose. This is behavior that is best nipped in the bud before it becomes a more serious issue.

Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Digging

There are dogs books on how to train a puppy or even deal with an aggressive puppy, but not many may focus on the problem of digging. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent this behavior.

Why does a dog dig?

First of all, find out why your dog is digging. Is it hot outside? Is he looking for a cool play to lay? Could your dog be bored? These are just a couple of the reasons why a dog may incessantly dig holes in a yard.

Preventative measures

  • One way to help stop this behavior is to allow him his own sandbox. Fill an enclosed area with clean sand and put some of his toys in there. This will encourage him to use this area only for his digging urges.
  • If you consistently have a dog that digs around a fence area, you can install what is known as rabbit or chicken wire. This is wire that you will place around the fence line, either right under a fence area or on a slant against the fence. This is a kind of wire that the dog cannot dig through and it will also feel unpleasant to do so, therefore discouraging digging.
  • You may also use a sprinkler hose that is motion activated and place it in the area where your dog digs the most.

There are many other methods to discourage a digging dog, but some dogs simply do this by instinct. Always use encouragement instead of discouragement when you are dealing with your dog's behavior.

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April 21 2011 5 21 /04 /April /2011 17:21

When owning a female dog you may want to learn about a dog's heat cycle. This will help you be able to keep your dog safe and guarded against unwanted pregnancy.

Dog Heat Signs

There are a few signs to be aware of when learning about dogs in season.

First of all, a dog can start their heat cycle as young as six months old, but will typically start between the ages of 6-12 months.

The dog's heat signs are pronounced, and you'll be able to realise when it is happening.

First of all, your dog's vulva will swell and she may start bleeding from her vagina; similar to a menstrual cycle. This is what is called the proestrus cycle and although male dogs will try to mate with her, she will not allow it until the second phase, which is the estrus phase. During this phase your dog will want to mate with male suitors.

She won't be picky about it so it is imperative to keep any males away if you don't want to take the risk of having unwanted puppies or puppies of a mixed breed.

How long do dogs stay in heat?

This second phase of the estrous cycle will last approximately between four days to two weeks before she returns to her normal self for a total of about 3-4 weeks of the dog's heat cycle.

Dogs and Pregnancy

Once your dog is pregnant you may wonder,

How long do dogs stay pregnant?

A dog's pregnancy term is approximately 63 days or nine weeks from the ovulation period. This is simply the average time and it can vary by a few days. However, the dog will give birth on a date depending on the size of the litter.

A small litter can take longer than a large litter of puppies, but the average is around 56 to 70 days. A visit to a veterinarian can tell you how far along your dog is as long as it has been at least 28 days. A variety of tests can confirm the dog's pregnancy such as an ultrasound or blood test. After approximately two months of pregnancy, the veterinarian can not only feel the fetus of a puppy but can also inform you of how many is expected in the litter.

A pregnant female dog. She trusts me and thus had no problems with mePregnant Indian stray dog lying down to reveal its swollen belly. | f
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April 21 2011 5 21 /04 /April /2011 14:33

When owning a female dog, you might wonder about dogs in season or dog heat signs as well as how long dogs are pregnant. This information can be pivotal in keeping your dog from having unwanted puppies.

A Dog's Heat Cycle

How long do dogs stay in heat?

A dog's heat cycle happens twice a year and lasts approximately 21 days in length. During this time you will notice changes in your dog such as vaginal bleeding and swelling of the vulva. Male suitors will seem to be aggressive in their quest to mate with your female.

Once the dog is impregnated, the gestation period will start and a litter of puppies will arrive after the pregnancy term is complete. The dog's heat cycle is important information to be considered when determining when she can become pregnant.

This knowledge can be used to guard against an unwanted litter by keeping her separated from males. If she does become pregnant, you will need to know about her gestation period.

A Dog's Gestation Period

How long do dogs stay pregnant?

It doesn't matter if you are looking at a Shih Tzu pregnancy or a Great Dane pregnancy. The dog's pregnancy will last between 58-68 days, with 63 days being the norm. Physical changes

One of the first ways that you can tell that your female is pregnant is to look at her abdomen. The stomach area will swell and depending on the size of the litter, will be quite larger than usual as the pregnancy progresses.

Around two weeks before your dog is ready to give birth you will notice her breasts swollen and milk may be present in preparation for the puppies that will be born.

Behavioural changes

You may also notice your dog acting different, especially around this time. She may seem irritable and will start the nesting process. This process is where you may find your dog shredding things such as paper or material to prepare a spot for her birth.

Typically a female that is ready to give birth may find a comfortable area to deliver her puppies. This can be a closet, under a bed or in a corner - any place where she feels safe.

Therefore,it can be said that a dog's pregnancy is likely to last a couple of months.

7 Shih Tzu in a Buggy
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April 20 2011 4 20 /04 /April /2011 17:36

When choosing whether or not to own a saltwater aquarium, it is a good idea to be informed about the basics of owning this type of aquarium, and the difficulties one might experience with maintenance and compatible stock, before you rush out to your nearest aquatic life stockist.

Saltwater fish tanks can be a beautiful addition to any home. Not only are they a pleasure to look at but they can actually help with relaxation. Saltwater fish tanks can have numerous different set-ups. From a marine tank that only houses saltwater fish to a tank that includes corals and invertebrates; the sky's the limit. However, it is a good idea to be well informed before you get started.

The first thing to consider is the cost. Saltwater fish tanks can be more costly than your typical freshwater tank. The costs include the type of filtration system you choose, the lighting and, of course, the fish you will add to the set-up. One interesting aspect to keep in mind is that the larger the fish tank is, the easier it is to maintain. This may sound strange, but it is true that a smaller tank gets dirtier a lot faster than it's larger counterpart, and if there is an issue with water quality, the occupants in the tank can be affected faster due to them being confined to a small space. Larger tanks allow more room for error.

The next consideration is whether or not you want to keep a fish-only tank or if you want to add corals and invertebrates. You will need to know that corals are more difficult to keep and will need special lighting. Even if you decide to go with a fish-only tank, you will need to research which fish are compatible. Since saltwater fish can be expensive, you don't want to put fish in your tank that will fight and harm each other.

Keeping a saltwater fish tank can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies, and once you get the hang of it you can display your tank with pride and share it's beauty with others. Gain the knowledge first, then, and only then, can you truly enjoy your saltwater tank.

saltwater aquarium
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