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May 2 2011 2 02 /05 /May /2011 09:30

Many people may not realize that hypnosis can be used for benefits other than just a stage show. Whether it serves to help someone stop smoking or to help them recall a past event, hypnosis can be beneficial. Learning how to hypnotize a person isn't hard at all and by utilizing a few hypnosis techniques, you are ready to start.

How to Get Started


The first thing to remember in the art of hypnosis is to make sure that you and the other person are in a peaceful environment with no distractions. You cannot learn how to hypnotize anyone if there are noises or distractions that will hinder them from going into a peaceful state. A quiet place means that it's easy to use hypnosis power to get them under so that they are more susceptible to your suggestions.

Putting Them Under


Focus and effects

In the first part of your hypnosis instructions, you will want them to focus on an object or area while you count down from ten to one.

Voice and impact

Using a monotone voice, tell them that they are getting sleepy and relaxed with each number you speak.

Tell them that their arms and legs are getting heavy and that their worries are all being breathed out with each exhalation. Let them know that their eyes are getting heavier and heavier and are starting to close.

Mind relaxation

You will be able to see how they are doing and if you see their eyes start to close or their breathing getting deeper, then you are on the right track. Once you see their eyes close, tell them they are in a trance and will respond to everything that you are saying. This sets their mind up to being open to suggestive phrases and tasks.

Hypnosis and Waking Up

Once you have them under control, you can ask them questions, have them perform easy tasks under your command and remember things in the past.


Use a regression technique where you tell them that they are seeing their life go by on that day. You can use tools like an imaginary calendar or a long hallway leading to the past. It doesn't matter which particular words you use but how you say it is more important.


When you're ready to wake them up, tell them that you will count from three to one and when you reach one, they will be fully awake.


You can add your own flair to your hypnotism techniques to make your own experience interesting. Remember that when learning how to hypnotize someone, practice makes perfect. If you can, practice on someone often.


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